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Frederick Douglass, Independence Day Speech - Essay Example

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Frederick Douglass praises the efforts of the founding fathers in this phenomenal speech which later culminates to condemnation of the outlook of the American Society as a whole towards slavery. Notably, he addresses the President of the Anti-slavery society and not the…
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Frederick Douglass, Independence Day Speech
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"Frederick Douglass, Independence Day Speech"

Download file to see previous pages Douglass, applauds the crowd for celebrating the fourth of July, and reminds them that the nation is still young to embrace a positive change. He also acknowledges efforts of American Revolutionaries in their quest to fight for their freedom against the legal bondage under British rule. He considers anti-slavery a just, reasonable and patriotic stance for future generations to come, and not a politically affiliated cause. In the speech, signers of the Declaration of Independence are praised for their patriotic efforts to put a country’s interests above their own. However, Douglass advices and urges listeners to strive to continue the work of these great revolutionaries who brought with them democracy and freedom to their great land.
On the other hand, Douglass shuns American black slavery, and condemns the pretense of Americans for being untrue to the principles, both past and present, of the founders. He retorts by saying that some people find favor in imposing slavery to others yet they cannot be in a position to be slaves themselves. Douglass considers this as a non-divine, inhumane act, which is cruel in God’s eyes. In addition, he also shuns the America ministers and churches for remaining silent and acquiescing towards existence of slavery. He notes that the church in this case is superlatively guilty in its right sense.
In conclusion, Douglass is optimistic that pro-slavery forces will be eventually concurred by anti-slavery sentiments. He stresses the arrival of freedom, and the abolitionists promise to fight slavery, whatever the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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