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Native American from the Colonial American Era - Research Paper Example

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It was during this period that relations between Anglo-Saxon colonists, like the British, and the Native Americans, evolved owing…
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Native American from the Colonial American Era
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"Native American from the Colonial American Era"

Download file to see previous pages hese relationships altered and shaped the path of history in both cultures, effectively laying the foundation for the contemporary multicultural American society.
Archaeological proof places the native tribe of Narragansett at the similarly named Narragansett Bay, currently known as Rhode Island, at least 30000 years ago1. The British colonizers arrived at Narragansett Bay in the year 1635. The tribe chiefs acted very friendly at first2. They even agreed to give Roger William, a Briton rejected by the neighboring native authorities, a track of land to create Providence; a settlement characterized by religious and political non-conformists. Roger William quickly learned the Narragansett language and became popular, spearheading friendly relations between the Narragansett and the British. The Narragansett even sought help from the British to fight against their long time tribal enemies, the Pequot, in an effort to regain territorial dominance. However, the mutual British-Narragansett relationship did not last for more than a decade. In 1675, war erupted between the two. The European attacked Narragansett for resisting their quest for more land. King Philip led the native warriors in fighting the British. However, the Narragansett lost the battle and were thrown out of their land. They later joined other native tribes in retaliation.
Indians, unlike their Narragansett counterparts, were very suspicious from the beginning3. They showed mixed reactions; sometimes friendly, sometimes hostile. Part of their corporation is the batter trade that existed between them and the British. The British would give them weapons that they used to fight their native enemies. This case is similar to that of the Narragansett where the British were directly involved in fighting for Narragansett. In return to this favor, the Indians gave out fur. Unlike the Narragansett, they were very careful not to trade their land. The Indian-British relationship also ended in war. The Pequot war of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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