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In the late 1500s and early 1600s, the Americans faced a series of the colonial era from the Spanish, French, and English that eventually led to the establishment of the New World’s development. However, there were similarities and differences between the colonies goals,…
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New Worlds development
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New World’s Development s of Learning In the late 1500s and early 1600s, the Americans faced a series of the colonial era from the Spanish, French, and English that eventually led to the establishment of the New World’s development. However, there were similarities and differences between the colonies goals, characteristics, and lasting effects of each power’s colonization methods. More significantly, there was a difference in the methods of colonization used by the different colonies in America.
Bulliet & Kyle (2010) asserts that the Spanish, English, and French colonies had many characteristics in common during their colonization of the Americans. This is more significant as they all hoped to find the wealth as they responded with a mixture of diplomacy and violence to the native people. In addition, they all had an intention to introduce Protestantism among the Americans as they built churches in their colonial areas.
The goals of the Spanish, French, and English differed as they had different reasons for colonizing of America. France focus was on the economic trade in America would have on their nation while the English focused on the deep desire to explore the new world in America and expand its nation’s territory (Cheyney, 2004). The Spanish, on the contrary, concentrated on inhabiting the land, besides achieving economic superiority over other European nations.
The Spanish colonies were different from the English and French colonies as it developed large and expensive colonial bureaucracies. These bureaucracies eventually led to individual proprietors that in turn played a large role in development of English and French colonies. On the contrary, English and French colonies played a more significant as they brought change that led to a greater regional variety in economic, social, cultural, and political institutions structure, especially in regions of English colonies (Bulliet & Kyle, 2010). It is therefore, significant that the Spanish, English, and French colonies brought a lot of change during their colonization of America that describes the new world developments.
Bulliet, R. & Kyle, P. (2010). Crossley the Earth and its peoples a global history. New York: Cengage Learning. Cheyney, E. (2004). European Background of American History. New York: Kessinger Publishing. Read More
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New Worlds Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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