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History contrast between England and French political structures - Essay Example

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Europe is among the first continents where countries were discovering as well as changing their ways of operation, both politically and economically. Some of the states in this continent opted to stick to their traditional ways of life while others were ready to embrace changes…
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History contrast between England and French political structures
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"History contrast between England and French political structures"

Download file to see previous pages The examples of countries with such different ways of life are England and France. Despite them being located in the same continent, they had concrete differences in their political structure which we are going to explore. To start with, the French government was under a king and was considered absolute monarchy. This is because it was believed that the king held all the powers and was only answerable to God only. It was also believed that the king was ordained by God and therefore going against the king was going against God. According to Jean Domat and Jacques Benique Bossuet, king’s subjects had to be submissive and obedient failure to which one was said to resist God authority (Wollmann, 10). Additionally, it was believed that for the country to survive, only one person could rule it and that person had to be in charge of all the people. Every citizen had to follow the laws set by the king and nobody could question the king. This ensured that the country had the best defense against any form of division among the citizens.
However, England had quite a different type of political structure. This is because the English monarchy was as successful s French one since the will of people had triumphed over that tradition resulting to new form of government. England’s monarchy was always threatened by coming up of institutions such as parliament, Magna Carta and the common law which somehow were always against the traditional governance. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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