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Isaac Newton on essence of God - Essay Example

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This universal law states that the gravitational attraction between the earth and other objects is inversely proportional to the distance that separates the earth’s centre from that object’s centre. This law was derived through four rules. …
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Isaac Newton on essence of God
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"Isaac Newton on essence of God"

Download file to see previous pages First was the admission that there are no causes of natural things that are true or sufficient in explaining their appearance (Newton, 54). The second rule is that due to lack of truth and sufficiency in the explanation of appearance of things, same natural effects must be assigned to the same cause. Here, he gave the example of how man and beast respire as well the difference of light from culinary fire and that from the sun. Third example was that of qualities belonging to bodies that humans can have access to during experiments and therefore such qualities can be esteemed as the universal qualities for all bodies. From this rule he deduced that all bodies are impermeable and are movable, endowed with some powers that help them in resisting motion (Newton, 54). In addition, all bodies gravitate towards the earth with a proportion of their quantity of matter. Examples of such are the way the sea gravitate towards the moon or the motion of planets towards each other.
According to Newton, God is the overall creator of the universe. He states that “this most beautiful system of the sun, planets and comets could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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