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Native people social movements - Essay Example

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The topic generally talks about the fight of Anishinabe encounter with their native superpower communities and how the fight occurred sometimes around 17th centuries. Anishinabe people groups lost their nationality since they claim to live in the north after the whites invaded…
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Native people social movements
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"Native people social movements"

Download file to see previous pages that was formed, the Anishinabe continued to fight following the established prophecy hence finding themselves in California and being united helped the Anishinabe to obtain back their nationality from the whites.
Afterwards, Ojibwa also known as the Anishinabe people’s urge with their friends resulted in a fight that begun killing one another for the purpose of the hunting ground. All the Anishinabe people with their tribes became vigilant in protecting their people from slavery and their territories (Lorman). However, they all fought for the protection of their homeland for the land became the main issue that brought all the suffering.
With the native youth movements, roadblocks were put in place to stop invasion into their land since they abolished all of the following activities. Railways construction, highways, mining, resorts, dams, cities, deep seaports, garbage dams and many others that led to their outbreak of war. Additionally, different organizations movements were created like the American-Indian political activism during the year of 1960s for obtaining their rights (Bruchac). In addition, among other movements was a national association for the advancement of colored people (NAACP), southern Christian leadership conference (SCLC) and finally groups were also formed like National organization for women (NOW). The formed group and movements mainly dealt with the rights of their individuals together with land issues maintaining their social integrity.
During the establishment of national Indian youth council (NICY) that occurred after the tribes of Oklahoma with Great Plains that defeated the NCAI of 1994. The developed groups used peaceful ways with Americans where they encouraged the third world liberations. However, various groups of young individuals came up with American Indian movements (AIM) with an intention of the police harassment (Williamson).
However, the Alcatraz Island reduces the pride and their consciousness with the rise of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Native People Social Movements Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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