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Pompeii: Villa of Mysteries - Essay Example

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Nevertheless, none of the cities was in a more beautiful setting in comparison to the towns and cities lining the Bay of Naples. On 24th of August 79 A.D., the volcanic ash spews from Mount Vesuvius led to the…
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Pompeii: Villa of Mysteries
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"Pompeii: Villa of Mysteries"

Download file to see previous pages In 1738 and 1748, Herculaneum and Pompeii resurfaced respectively. In the mid 18th century, there was substantial ignition of the imagination of Europe following the journey to Naples by diverse scholars. The global trend in the artistic world was the classical movement. The inspiration of Herculaneum and Pompeii was vital in the development and growth of philosophy, literature, art, fashion, and architecture, thus the provision of the perfect platform for the generation of the neoclassical movement.
The Villa of the Mysteries, build around the central peristyle court surrounded by numerous terraces, appears more like other large villas in the case of Pompeii. Nevertheless, the villa associates with one critical or unusual feature. This is evident in the presence of a substantial room decorated with strange and beautiful scenes. Artists refer to the room as the Initiation Chamber. The room measures 15 by 25 feet found in the front right portion of the villa. In the context of understanding this villa, it is ideal to define the term ‘mysteries’. The concept of ‘mysteries’ refers to the essence of secret initiation rites in relation to the classical world or movement.
According to the Greek perception, the term ‘rite’ implies ‘to grow up’. From this perspective, initiation rites were essential enabling people to acquire or attain adulthood. The rites do not translate to the celebrations for attainment of certain milestones (Wallace-Hadrill 52). However, such celebrations or rituals are essential in the promotion of psychological advancement through diverse stages of life. In most cases, there were dramatic events to enable initiates to execute different roles such as simulation of death and rebirth. This relates to the death of the old self, as well as the birth of the new self. In order to enter the chamber, individuals had to go through an opening location between the first and last scenes of with reference to the fresco.
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