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Art history summary and answer question - Assignment Example

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Vasari is responsible for Leonardo’s post-mortem fame through his numerous complements and positive comments that he makes about Leonardo in his book. First he says that Leonardo was truly divine and wondrous and that he made immense progress at his preliminary literature…
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Art history summary and answer question
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, he spelled out that Vasari could sing divinely without any preparations. Through outrageous incredible attributes of Leonardo, Vasari is able to capture people’s attention towards Leonardo’s life. Another factor that Vasari points out is that Leonardo was a ‘multi-player’; he was able to perform numerous tasks interchangeably and easily. He did not give up on drawing and relief workings despite doing other things such as playing lyre, doing arithmetic and singing. Overall then Vasari was able to influence Leonardo’s fame after his death through the style of oratory, hyperbole and idealistic comments.
Vasari’s oratory praise style was very instrumental in elevating the life of Leonardo. To begin with he argued that Leonardo’s fame was great when he was still alive and enhanced when he passed on. He expounded on this view holding that the heavens, in seldom times, sent people some individuals who represented both humanity and divinity. This, Vasari believed was important to people such that it enabled them to view it as a model and imitate it so as to approach the heavenly highest parts with their mind and with the intellect excellence. Through this explanation, Vasari is able to capture people’s emotions such that Leonardo, with his impeccable attributes, was a real role model for many people and hope for them that they could reach far. Besides, Rubin (pg. 97) adds that individuals who wish to follow Leonardo’s footsteps of such admirable attributes via studying, even when not helped by nature to realize such magnitude; could at least embrace the works of divine of those who play a part of the divinity. From these comments of Vasari, enormous praise was notably laid on Leonardo before people intentionally. In fact Rubin (pg. 97) argues that Vasari was deliberate by using unique terms and metaphors in describing Leonardo’s ‘wondrous and divinity’ characteristics. Rubin argues ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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