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The Civil Right Movement - Book Report/Review Example

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This paper discusses the happenings of the civil right movement in the March Book One, a graphic novel adapted from the life and experience of the occurrence of the civil right movement…
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The Civil Right Movement
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"The Civil Right Movement"

Download file to see previous pages According to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that civil right movement marks the history of America in the 1960’s when young black minds rose to fight for equality across all races. Congressman John Lewis is the student leader during the tenure alongside other scholars’ such as Martin Luther King Jr. risked their lives to protest over the bad leadership. The book highlights the occurrence where black people were mistreated, for instance after the ‘success of the Nashville Student Movement’s ‘sit-in’ students organized the campaign to push for the desegregation of its lunch counters. The protester's aim was to include the blacks in benefiting from services just as fellow white classmates. Black students lacked access to essential services even though they had money and were isolated. During the demonstration, the white police dispatched the protesters using water cannons and fire hose. Many black people lost their lives during the era as they fought for freedom. Different scenes from the book explain the suffering of blacks in the hand of white police such as physical assault, humiliation, and attempted murder. Leadership is difficult especially when the situation is unstable or the leadership is under test.
Good leadership is not about the leader but about the people’s right to live. Governance in itself is a challenge and one has to be sober to rule. The problems of the ruling are numerous with some external, others coming from people and situations; internal, stemming from within the leader and those arising from the nature of the leadership itself. For instance, nonviolent protesters including schoolchildren took part in the major campaign in Birmingham, Alabama prompting the then-president John F. Kennedy to push for the passage of new civil legislation. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Civil Right Movement Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words)
The Civil Right Movement Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“The Civil Right Movement Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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The Civil Right Movement
...?The Civil Right Movement made a great impact on the development of democracy in the United s. It was a voice of liberation coming from the minor part of the American society seeking equality in rights and freedoms. Black consciousness was the main factor to make African-American people rise for their rights. Moreover, it was an interposition to inequality in a broader sense of a larger society. Having trapped in the overall oppression, this category of people could not but search for democratic and peaceful decisions of their problem even though all doors were closed for them to be heard. In this respect the history of the Civil...
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Malcolm X and the United States' Civil Right Movement
...Malcolm X and the United s’ Civil Right Movement Malcolm was an African American who was a human activist and Muslim minister. Most of his admirers considered him a courageous person who advocated for the rights of black Americans. Notably, Malcolm indicted the white Americans in the harshest term possible for the crimes they committed against the black Americans. Dictators of his time accused him (Malcolm) as a preacher of racism, anti-Semitism, violence and of being a black supremacy. Malcolm is considered as of the greatest and most influential black American in the history of America. At the age of twenty, Malcolm X was imprisoned where he joined Nation of Islam....
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...?Palestinian-Civil Right Movement, Intifada The of Israel was hived from Arab countries after a United Nations resolution. This came intobeing in 1948 after a United Nations’ resolution. Since the creation of this state, there have been various dissatisfaction in Arab countries especially the state of Palestine. Palestine perceives Israel as a threat to its own prosperity and economic success. Palestine for a long time claims that Israel has occupied its land. It is due to Israel that this country has a problem of internal refugees, lack of agricultural land, poor access to water and myriad of other problem. This has led to generation of various conflicts between these two states. Most of...
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Civil Right Movement
...? Civil Right Movement Answer As back as 17th century, the status of African Americans was of slaves. Most of them were brought by European settlers in North America. They were called Negroes, or Blacks. In the southern part of the US they were called ‘Nigger’ where discrimination was the most severe. They were used for the agricultural purposes. In 1963, Abraham Lincoln eliminated slavery through Emancipation Proclamation but the southern states were not ready to free the blacks. The Civil war that ended in 1865 was a major incident in shaping the future of blacks in America; however, things did not change much as they were still discriminated in public places. They were the oppressed group as they were denied the equal rights... and...
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Civil rights movement
... Civil Rights Movement The civil rights movement was one of the global political movements aimed at the enhancing equality before the law that occurred between the 1950s and the 1980s (Mcwhorter 12). This movement was similar to the civil resistance campaigns which were usually accompanied by armed rebellion and civil unrest. These procedures were extremely tenuous in most states hence; most movements were not able to achieve the set standards. This paper will describe how Martin Luther King and Malcolm X had a vast influence in the civil rights movement. In the early 1960s, America was struggling to cope with anxiety through several methodologies. This was the period that was closely associated with the rise of Black Nationalism... ....
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The Civil Rights Movement
...The Civil Rights Movement: 1920 and 1950 The civil rights movement of the 20th century was able to elevate the social and political status of the Africa-American community and the individual rights of the Negro race. The century long struggle remained focused on implementing the rights and freedoms that are guaranteed by the US constitution. Still, legal and social changes also dictated that the movement evolve with the cultural and social turmoil of the times. The movement of the 1920s laid the groundwork for the emotionally charged civil...
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Civil Rights Movement
...Without question one of the most significant events of the Civil Rights era was the Supreme Court’s decision in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka(Odyssey 5), handed down by the court in 1954 (5). The case, which originated in Charleston, South Carolina, was heard by the Supreme Court grouped together with like cases from other states under the single title, thus, Topeka as opposed to Charleston (5). The Supreme Court ruling established that segregation was not legal, and set into motion a series of subsequent events, many manipulated by the participants of the Civil Rights movement, that caused states to rescind segregation both in law and in...
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The Freedom Riders ..Civil Right Movement support a movement greater than themselves. After the African-Americans reached Alabama, people across the United States were more aware of the struggle for civil rights. They inspired more than sixty more freedom rides across the country and sparked a movement (et al). President Kennedy first attempted to stop the Freedom Riders (Bullard 20). When he realized he could not stop the protests, he chose to help them out. He told the southern states that their segregation laws would still be in effect if they agreed not to harm the Freedom Riders. Even though the Freedom Riders were not brutally beaten after President Kennedy made this agreement with the southern...
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Civil right
...Full of Siege The documentary en d of Siege” focuses on the Mississippi Whites’ defense against civilright movements. Discussions about how strongly the Whites were against civil rights and how well organized supremacists were in Mississippi, have well been documented. It was also emphasized that the extremists consisted not only of politicians and businessmen but of ordinary White citizens as well. In the last part of documentary, historian Robby Lucett said some stereotypical images, such as “the fat, potbellied sheriff who kind of walks around with a gun, and chews tobacco”, obscure the breadth and depth of White hostility to racial equality. Segregation existed in all kinds, forms and...
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Women civil right movement, the first wave of the 1920's
...Woman Civil Rights Movements at the first wave of the 1920s Introduction Women’s civil rights movements officially came to a start following the Seneca Falls’ women convention in 1848 where the main objectives being addressed were advocating for women’s rights to legal adult standing, access to any profession and the right to vote. The main actors of the convention were Frederick Douglas and Elizabeth Stanton, a black abolitionist and feminist foremother respectively, who asserted that women needed to vote in order to realize their other rights. This ideal emphasized the...
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