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These movements’ aims were to allow outlaw racial discrimination and enable African American has equal access to opportunities,…
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A Single American Nation
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A SINGLE AMERICAN NATION Many leaders from within and the African American community rose to prominence during the civil right movements in the early 1950s and 60s. These movements’ aims were to allow outlaw racial discrimination and enable African American has equal access to opportunities, privileges and rights. These movements managed to grant the blacks the right to vote in 1965 and also school desegregation in 1954.
Although the civil right movement had a profound effect on legal and political institutions of U.S. history, it partly failed in achieving some objectives. The failures includes: Failure to achieve a massive federal works program, full and fair employment, decent housing and adequate integration education.
Martin Luther King Jr. was a devoted Christian whose mission was to get his accomplishment without aggression or violence whereas Malcom X was a Muslim who wanted there to be a clear segregation of the white and black people in America because he felt that they would never coexist together. Even though King and Malcom differed majorly on racial segregation they both struggled in their own ways to bring about Africa American into a beta position in the society.
Many movements had erupted 1960s including civil rights, women movements and environmental movements. These movements had emerged due to several interrelated reasons: Because American people looked upon the federal government to solve their problems, economic disparity, political competition and a moral culture that fostered unity in America.
U.S. was more united in the 1970s than in the 1950s because of the remarkable achievements of all the movements especially the civil rights movements in the 1960s. This could be indicated by rights to vote for all people and integration in education and the coexistence of all races together.

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