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It is also being connoted with the term development or advancement in several fields. There are also speculations if this is really the case or the government is faced with…
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Did the frontierhelp shape American individualism
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Despite the Primeval Condition When the word America was either written or spoken, there was already an assumption for positive changes. It is also being connoted with the term development or advancement in several fields. There are also speculations if this is really the case or the government is faced with a motionless circumstance. Americans have been the frontrunners in enriching cultures, traditions, history and even technology. America today would not be the way it is if not for the earlier generations of Americans who had foreseen a land that will prosper worldwide.
The American history consists of many heroic stories and innovations that paved the way for what Americans are harvesting at the present. It took centuries of efforts and sacrifices before the country achieved its illustrious and commanding status in the world. If not for these events, it will just be another nation that would want to make a name for itself. For new frontiers to be discovered and developed, vast efforts were undertaken by generations of people who have dreamt of reaching not just fame for people as individuals but for the nation as a whole (Hoover, 2005).
As Turner (1893) stated on his essay The Significance of the Frontier in American History, the frontier is the borderline of barbarism and development. The 300 years in the history of the United States and its people serve as the frontier of the land. Though the actions and strategies that were taken during these years were truly primeval compared to the ideologies and designs which are being used in recent years, they are responsible for many important details and events in history. The most important contribution or event by these primeval acts is the liberation of the land from its colonizers.
This single event transformed a land to a civilized nation. Three hundred years of struggle can be considered as baby steps to the present pace of the country in different aspects of the society and governance. If not for these baby steps, the nation would not be capable of taking leaps that have made their mark in world history. What used to be desert and unplowed lands are now either cultivated fields or modernized cities. If there would be one thing that the present Americans should learn from their forefathers is the fact that during the three-century frontier, they fought for the land as a whole and not on a per state basis. This should be considered if the present nation would like to sustain its stature and the ability to adapt to changes that are being consistently undertaken not just by the Americans themselves but also the nations worldwide.
Hoover, H. (2005). American Individualism. New York, New York: Cosimo Classics.
Turner, F. J. (1893). The Significance of the Frontier in American History. Retrieved 24 January 2012 from . Read More
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