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Plight of the Poor in the American Society - Assignment Example

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The paper “Plight of the Poor in the American Society” seeks to evaluate US poverty, which is measured by the standards that were set by the U.S government. The measure of poverty threshold entails lack of services and good that are commonly taken for granted by the populace in the society…
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Plight of the Poor in the American Society
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Extract of sample "Plight of the Poor in the American Society"

Download file to see previous pages Currently, California has over twenty percent of the poverty rate, which is the largest in all the States of America. In 2009, the poverty rates were approaching the levels of the 1960s, which prompted the war against poverty in America. In2011, the poverty levels in children, reached record high levels with over sixteen millions of children living in poverty. In 2013, the UNICEF records showed that the U.S was ranked second with the highest child poverty levels among the developed nations. As at January 2009, over six hundred thousand sheltered and unsheltered people were homeless in the nation. Close to two-thirds stayed in the transitional housing program, and the emergency shelter and there are three were waiting in the streets. In 2008, over one million people of America’s population were using transitional or emergency housing program and in2009 there was about forty-four percent of the employed people who were homeless.
America’s poor population has a lot that they offer in the nation building. However, the poor have been neglected in many ways, and their recognition has been assumed on many occasions, they have an alt of the wealth of ideas that can be of critical importance in the growth of the nation. According to the article “born poor and smart,” refers to the mother who was destitute but she had brain wealthy. The woman never did things that were done by the poor counterparts. The woman had self-believe her and never allowed anyone to demean her due to her social class. In another article by Matt Yglesias, it addresses the concern of the equality between the poor and the rich (Yglesias 23).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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