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Wilson, William Julius. More Than just Race: Being Black And Poor In the Inner City - Essay Example

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The author William Julius Wilson is an American sociologist who received a PhD from the Washington State University in 1966…
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Wilson, William Julius. More Than just Race: Being Black And Poor In the Inner City
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"Wilson, William Julius. More Than just Race: Being Black And Poor In the Inner City"

Download file to see previous pages William was the past president of the American Sociological Association, he has received 44 honor degrees, a MacArthur Prize Fellow, elected to the National Academic of Sciences, the American Academic of Arts and Sciences among others, and he is a receiver of the 1998 National Medical of Science with the highest scientific honor. He is joined with the Malcolm Wiener Center for social policy, he was an original board member of the progressive Cenury Institute and he is currently a board member of Public/Private Ventures at Philadelphia. He is an author of a great number of publications such as The Declining Significance of Race, The Truly Disadvantaged, The Work of the new Urban and one of his latest books is more than just Race: Being Black and Poor in the Inner City. He has been studying social stratification, economic inequality and the plight of poor black people for years and each of his academic productions has been given great reviews, despite the controversial nature of his theses. He is one of the America’s most influential scientists of urban poverty and inequality and he has turned into a more legible and far less disputable over his long career. In More than just race: he takes advantage of the past decades of research to formulate into a greater degree, the understanding of race and urban inequality in the United States in terms of structure and culture. In this book the author reviews his own important research over the past two decades as well as some of the most successful urban sociology of his peers to earn a persuasive argument that both institutional and systemic obstacles pertaining to culture defects that hinder the poor blacks from evading poverty and the ghetto life (Wilson 3). Despite the fact that he remains intent on exhibiting the impacts of impersonal economic forces, he ultimately shares an uncomfortable idea on the books title that attribute to basic significance to the impact of race on the intensified poverty of the inner city. Although the book emphasize on the experiences of inner city African Americans life the research is not limited to the intricacy of understanding race and racial inequality in America. The he gets deeper in the causes of racism and poverty and in his view; he says that it is the poor people’s cultures that cause poverty. He begins by differentiating the structural obstacles to black social raise from what is discerned to be cultural (Wilson, More than Just Race 3). The book creates a debate on two important factors collaborated with racial inequality: the social structure and the culture where he uses the inner city to provide additional details since it is the central focus of the structure-culture disputes. The book is clear on the reason why the structural causes are far more important than cultural since these causes break down into those that are racist and those that are impersonal thus affecting black people disproportionately (Harding, Small and Lamont 201). This argument integrates the two forms of structural forces that are the implicit and explicit established racial prejudices that are an addition to the cultural forces that form and underline racial inequality. After the prolonged discussion of how the structural and cultural factors conspire together to produce racial inequality. He organizes the remaining chapters as explorations of controversial issues in the public debate giving each chapter a special part on structural and culture but he eventually remains firm that culture matters, but not as much as the social struct ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Wilson, William Julius. More Than Just Race: Being Black And Poor In Essay.
“Wilson, William Julius. More Than Just Race: Being Black And Poor In Essay”, n.d.
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