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Is the Nation state finished - Essay Example

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The term nation state has been in existence over the years although there is no actual date as to when it began. There are…
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Is the Nation state finished
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Download file to see previous pages This implies that the concept of nation states came after establishment of nations from the efforts of nationalists who were seeking sovereignty. However, there are also theories suggesting that nation state concept came around as an effort to unify already existing states. Borrowing from both views it seems that concept of nation state was founded after establishment of states. For example, some nation states such as Germany and Italy arguably came into existence as a result of nationalists efforts through campaigns to unify the state. Earlier on both these states were divided into several states small states and the unification began on the basis of cultural movements and later on evolved thereby acquiring political significance. For example, there is the case of the Volkish movement in Germany that comprised mainly of German speaking people from different states which later gained political significance. This implies that there is some substantial truth in claiming that the concept came after creation of states. Away from matters revolving around origin of the nation states, there are more pressing and imminent matters with regard to its future. There are concerns over the existence of nation states due to current influential factors such as globalization.
Globalization is the unification and integration of states with an aim of sharing views, ideas, and products in the wake of modernization. Amid these increased interactions among states there are concerns over the effects of globalization to individual sovereignty of states. This is because globalization may seem to somewhat exploit some states hence undermining sovereignty (Kennett, 2008, p.3). For example, there are claims that in such relations between nation states with distinct economic levels, low economy states are prone to exploitation from the high economy states. Moreover, in the modern day there has been increased threats on the security of many nations especially with the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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