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During the late 19th Century and early 20th Century, when the struggle for the civil rights was becoming more prevalent, state and local laws referred to as Jim Crow laws, described what most Americans believed to be “separate but equal” treatment for African Americans…
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,Eyes on the Prize, Aint Scared of Your Jails (1960-1961)
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“Eyes on the Prize, Ain’t Scared of Your Jails” (1960-1961) Question During the late 19th Century and early 20th Century, when the struggle for the civil rights was becoming more prevalent, state and local laws referred to as Jim Crow laws, described what most Americans believed to be “separate but equal” treatment for African Americans (Delgado 92). These laws were more prevalent in the South than the North. These laws permitted the segregation in schools, neighborhoods, and businesses. For example, the African Americans were forced to use different sections of trains and buses, include separate seats in restaurants. In Alabama, the laws spelt that no white nurse was allowed to practice in public or private hospitals where African Americans were admitted (Delgado 93). Additionally, the bus and train conductors were allowed to direct each passenger to the section designated for his or her race. In Florida, all marriages between a Negro and a white person were forever prohibited (Delgado 93).
Question #2
Federalism is a means of structuring a nation in a way that two or more levels of government have formal power over the same people and area (Delgado 56). For instance, the U.S. Constitution gives the federal government power over issues of national concern while state governments have jurisdiction over issues of domestic concern (Delgado 56). Civil right movement is often perceived as a struggle for federalism since it is responsible for the creation of most controversial issues between the Northern and Southern States. The civil right movement made the Northerners desegregates and creates a basis from which to attack Jim Crow laws at a period when the Southerners advocated for national legislation against segregation laws (Delgado 58). Civil right movements also advocated for the supremacy clause, which includes three items: the Constitution, laws of the national government, and treaties (Delgado 62). Members of civil right movement believed that the 10th Amendment implied that the national government only had authority over powers specifically assigned by the Constitution (Delgado 62).
Question #3
Civil rights are rights protected and granted by government for its people with the purpose of ensuring fairness, and preventing discrimination in relation to certain attribute of its people (Delgado 130). On contrary, civil liberties are basic rights that are primarily meant for all people in a given country by the constitution or other document of that nation, and are exercised upon citizens without further specificity like freedom of religion or speech, in the U.S. (Delgado 131). Those people who are discriminated unfairly in some particular manner normally pursue civil rights. For example, in this movie, we see people using their civil liberty rights such as the right to life to ensure equal treatment and protection under the law to assure that all people have their civil rights. This is the reason why they say that they are even ready to go to jail until their rights as human beings are met.
Question #4
The civil rights movement was primarily aimed to end slavery that was a common phenomenon in the south more than north. The southerners strongly advocated for the implementation of Jim Crow laws that defined the rights and limitations of African Americans. Therefore, as a Southern white sheriff, successful civil rights movement could have had negative impacts on our struggle to further slavery and implementation of Jim Crow laws. However, as a civil right movement student, successfully civil right will ensure that my civil liberty rights are successfully implemented, and discrimination against color (race) is ended.
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“Eyes on the Prize, Ain’t Scared of Your Jails” (1960-1961)
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Delgado, Richard. Justice at War: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights During Times of Crisis. New York [u.a.: New York Univ. Press, 2003. Print. Read More
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