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War and Genocide against the Jews in Europe - Essay Example

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In this paper, the following thesis shall be discussed: the social, economic and political factors have strongly influenced genocide against the European Jews. The writer concludes that there were various factors that influenced the genocide against European Jews…
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War and Genocide against the Jews in Europe
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Download file to see previous pages Anti-Semitism has been one of the most important reasons behind the genocide conducted against the European Jews during the World War II. The development of the World War inspired the Germans to have control over the entire territory captured by them; due to this factor, they initiated rapid military movements in the German-occupied areas. Genocide is regarded as an unethical and barbarian activity by the entire world but there was little effort made by different countries to stop the genocide carried out by the German military forces. The European Jews were completely isolated from the rest part of the world during the progress of the World War II. The Germans got extra mileage to carry out the entire Holocaust because they did not experience any obstacles from the best part of the world. After detailed analysis, some historians such as Arnold Toynbee has been able to conclude that most parts of the world did not have any respect towards the Jews community because of their personal beliefs. The Christians believed that the Romans had killed Lord Jesus Christ and the Jews community supported the actions of the Romans (Crowe 17). Genocide against the Jews recorded mass killings of 5-6 million people in Europe because of the lack of interference of other communities. “It is significant that early Christians blamed the Jews for the crucifixion, which was actually practiced by the Romans during the period. The beliefs of the Christians have been supported by stating that the Jews mobs demanded Jesus’ death under the power of Roman governor Pontius Pilate” (Bergen 161). It has been observed that the convictions against the Jews society were not accurate but there are very few evidence in favor of them. The genocide of Europe was conducted by the German military forces under the leadership of Adolf Hitler and the Christian society isolated the Jews and left them to suffer under the brutal tortures of the Nazis. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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