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Latin America News Review - Essay Example

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It is a state that has been in the limelight due to its continuous changes in social, political and economic structures that it has experienced in the past. The country is looking forward to a new beginning full of…
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Latin America News Review
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Extract of sample "Latin America News Review"

CUBAN SOCIETY, POLITICS AND ECONOMY Cuba is a country found in the Caribbean islands, North America. It is a that has been in the limelight due to its continuous changes in social, political and economic structures that it has experienced in the past. The country is looking forward to a new beginning full of positive expectations hope and freedom.
Societal behavior tells much about the conditions facing people living in a particular area. In the case of Cuba, prostitution is highly practiced. It can be translated to show that the economy does not sufficiently support the people’s need and so they have to go out of their ways to find means of survival. Cubans are portrayed as conservative people who are firmly attached to their cultures and practices. However, the young generation is embracing new and modern life. This results in a significant generation gap since the old still hold on to what they believe is their sovereignty.
A country full of high economic growth potential is what Cuba portrays itself to be. Tourism is doing immensely strong with a record of 3.4 million visitors last year; the tourism sector represents only 10 percent of the economy thus it is apparent that this country has an enormous potential for economic growth. Positive returns can be seen for those who agree to leave and work elsewhere. Through an informative research conducted by Marla Dukharan (Mc Williams 2015), it is anticipated that the remittances of the Cubans working out of Cuba increases to more than 3.5 billion biannually. Cubans are appreciating involvement in small-scale trading, and this is manifested in increased small and medium enterprises such as cafes and bars (Mc Williams 2015).1
The political structure of Cuba has significantly evolved, comparing Fidel Castro regime, and the present time situation, changes such as an increase in the number of political parties are evident. Cubans feel that this is a revolution and an active political reform (Moore 2015). Previously, the country was categorized as a communist society. Critical analysis, however, portrays high levels of individual self-interest amongst the wealthy.
The Latin-American countries, Cuba being one of them, are experiencing vast changes and place them in the rapid developing countries category.
Mc Williams, David. 2015. Irish Independent : Cuban Society Is Full Of Contradiction, Now The People Must Pick Their Part Of Change. Ireland, February 11,
Moore, John. 2015. National Post: Casro Never Never Land. Canada, February 9, Read More
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Latin America News Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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