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Martin and Malcom and America - Book Report/Review Example

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and Malcolm X are always mentioned. Through their hard struggle and belief, greater changes and empowerment were gained in the entire…
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Martin and Malcom and America
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Extract of sample "Martin and Malcom and America"

Download file to see previous pages The ideologies and Political philosophies of Martin and Malcolm, though some different, was vital in reformation of black society in the American society during the Civil rights and movements.
Malcolm and Martin had dreams of passing their ideas with regard to political democracy, freedom, and justice to the American black community who for long had been suppressed politically and regarded as lesser equals to the whites. In achieving their goals, both of them had their own philosophy. Martin preferred the non violent way so as to pass information to the people whereas Malcolm preferred more drastic measures, he always was guided by the slogan indicating that by any means necessary, freedom had to be gained.
Martin was born under great Christian family background, which guided his actions. His farther was of strong Christian values that he passed to his son. While at the university, King came to understand that non-violent ways of championing for freedom had brought great impact and changes in several societies. He was a keen reader of Mahatma Gandhi, who had won Indian independence and peace with its neighbors using peaceful means1. King, therefore, used peaceful walks and demonstrations to champion for the rights of Africans. He had a strong belief that the whites would accommodate the blacks if he used peaceful ways to fight back. The fact that he would talk and people would always listen, shows that he was a man of strong words even toward his political philosophy. To the congregation, martin always preached peace as the main solution, even though he was sometimes infuriated by the white people actions. To him he had a dream of an American society leaving peacefully and where the white and black were like brothers.. Martin further championed for peaceful demonstrations and boycotts, he made speeches and came up with various peaceful movements. The landmark of Martin political philosophy and as a champion of civil rights is the famous speech that was attended ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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