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Martin and Malcom & America A Dream or A Nightmare - Essay Example

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He was born in January 15, 1929, and is famous for his speech “I Have a Dream”. He advocated for an equitable, fair job…
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Martin and Malcom & America A Dream or A Nightmare
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Extract of sample "Martin and Malcom & America A Dream or A Nightmare"

Download file to see previous pages Martin and Malcolm both had similar philosophical thinking. They were both religious leaders who took a political position in campaigning for black civil liberties groups. It is uncommon for religious leaders to assume political role, and Individuals still find it strange that Malcolm and Martin engaged themselves in America’s politics. Secondly, Martin and Malcolm base their ideology on a supernatural being. They have common theoretical thinking as they both believe in the existence of a super natural being. Martin believes that God is an all complete God that finished work of creation alone, while Malcolm believes that his God is a reachable God who invites mankind to help in completing his creation work. Martin and Malcolm both advocated for civil rights using their religious principles that human beings were religious creatures, and thus should be awarded the freedom and the dignity they deserve. 1They both considered that God is the only being who rob human beings of their rights. They believe that he is the divine force that is behind all deeds on the planet. Martin and Malcolm had different political approaches in their civil right pressure groups and fight for the African American freedom. They both had their individual ways of fighting and supporting the civil rights pressure groups. They were communitarians who selflessly advocated for the rights of the African American and additional minority groups in America.
Martin used his religious philosophies in fighting for freedom, while Malcolm was not anything close to that, and attained his philosophies through surrender. Martin achieved his philosophies through agape. 2Martin believed in a diplomatic society as he derived his teachings from Gandhi. He believed the only approach to attain equality in America was through peaceful negations and manifestations. He did not believe in the race factor and was strong ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Martin and Malcom & America A Dream or A Nightmare Essay.
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