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Fashion history Etruria and Rome - Essay Example

The paper "Fashion history Etruria and Rome" analyzes the history of fashion in the context of Etruria and Rome. Compared to the Greek costume, the Etruscan costumes were more shaped in the sleeves, and they flared out at the ends. They also had a fit that mold closely to the body. The major sources of information were burial tombs, paintings, sculptures, pottery and a few written records. However, there is no definite proof of how the Etruscan society was built and fell. The Romans were prudent compared to the Greeks; they wore loin cloths in the field or at a military exercise. The weight and texture of roman fabrics would stay put and not slip over. Relatively few inscriptions survived from the Roman Republic. Additionally, there was lack of archival and statistical evidence of such costumes. They also lacked direct evidence. Roman men wore tunics ending about the knee. They were worn by men of all classes. Women wore an inner tunic and an outer tunic that looked like a chiton, These indicated that they were free or married. Chidren wore a toga, like the adults. By comparing and contrasting specific items of costume, such as the Greek himation and the Roman toga or the Roman tunic and the Greek chiton, identify the differences in Greek and Roman clothing and relate them to differences in their cultures. The himation was less voluminous compared to the toga. The toga was only worn by men, while the himation was worn by both men and women. The chiton was loosely compared to the tunic.

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The paper discovers some questions regarding the fashion history in Etruria and Rome. Estrcuans and Greeks of the archiac period had similar clothing; the Greeks in the archaic period wore a sort of robe noted at the front which later gave way to the tunica in Etruscan society…
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Fashion history Etruria and Rome
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