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The author of the essay "Modern World History" focuses on the processes of the modern history. Reportedly, as the modern era commenced, empires were the characteristic feature of many nations. Moreover, non-European regions also had ruling empires. …
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Modern World History
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"Modern World History"

Download file to see previous pages Explorer Christopher Columbus discovered the western hemisphere and established the foundations for the modern global economy. The voyages of Columbus that led European Conquistadors to the western hemisphere, the Middle East, and other regions were referred to as the Columbian exchange. Discovery of the Americas was the first step in a process that led to the spread of civilization throughout the world and expanded global trade network. The Columbian exchange involved a series of population movements including the spread of nomadic peoples across Central Asia. Following the death of the prophet Muhammad, Islam also spread outside the Middle East.Opening up of the Americas was beneficial in that there was the introduction of the horse, the cow and various grains that increased food production in the Americas. The cultivation of potato, corn, and manioc can all be traced back to the Western hemisphere. The Columbian exchange led to increased economic well-being of the Americas.The Columbian exchange also had negative consequences associated with it. Some observers were of the view that it led to harsh colonial exploitation and the spread of virulent diseases that devastated local populations. The Spanish economy was distorted because vast amounts of gold and silver were imported leading to price revolution. Whatever shortcomings that were associated with the Columbian exchange, it is undeniable that it was beneficial to the world since it heralded modernization. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Modern World History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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