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United States participation in World War I - Essay Example

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What were President Wilson's plans to insure that WWI was the War to End All Wars, and why did they fail Describe the United State's resistance to joining the League of Nations.
After maintaining a neutral stance in the war which broke in Europe for the first three years, President Wilson confirmed the United State's participation in World War I (WWI)in order to "make the world safe for democracy." Envisioning that the WWI is the "war to end all wars," he drew up what is now widely known as the Fourteen Points in order to ensure permanent peace through international cooperation. This is comprised of his aims of freedom of seas, free trade, and the establishment of a global institution which will promote the collectively security and safeguarding democracy (Kelly et al 2001). This treaty had been originally agreed by the member of the Allied powers to be a post war treaty. Thus, America's decision is to participate in WWI but with a well-defined plan which it will implement when the war has ended.
The Fourteen Points which reflects the plan of President Wilson of restoring peace and democracy to make WWI the "war to end all wars." However, this plan ultimately failed because of the road blocks which came along the way which hindered its full implementation. President Wilson planned the League of Nations as an international body which will ensure the maintenance of peace after the war. Realizing his role as the

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This essay discusses that President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed American neutrality, declaring that America must be “neutral in fact, as well as in the name”. A British naval blockade was imposed on the Central Powers. In the attempt “to starve the whole population” of Germany, Great Britain impounded food carried by neutral ships as contraband.
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highest executive official in the US, Wilson announced that he will lead the country's delegation while naming one republican in the commission. This has been coldly received by the Congress whose members become unsupportive of the treaty.
Among the countries which participate in the WWI, it becomes apparent that the US is not as affected by the massive destruction in other countries like Germany and other European nations. Thus, the US can afford to make liberal policies but the others are not receptive. Also, even though some of the points have been adopted, the other extremely liberalist reforms made by the US became unacceptable to the damaged countries. Instead of making peace with other nations, all they can think of is to find revenge knowing that their countrymen are suffering much from the war. Thus, the hostilities among nation after the war ended becomes one of the obstacles of Wilson's originally well laid plans. Instead of ending all wars, the WWI just sets the stage for a more violent battle among nations which is the Second World War.
The last point of the Fourteen Points put forward by Wilson is the creation of the League of Nations which aims to unite countries in order to promote security, justice, and diplomacy. However, the United States which promulgated the creation of this international institution was not able to take part of it. When it was passed in the US government, the Congress voted down for the US participation in the League of Nations as Wilson "was opposed by isolationists of both major political parties who argued that the United States should not interfere with European affairs, and by Republicans who did not want to commit the United States to supporting the league financially" (Kelly et al 2001).

Kelly, Nigel and Lacey, Greg (2001) "Modern World History" Heinemann Educational Publishers, Oxford


After maintaining a neutral stance in the war which broke in Europe for the first three years, President Wilson confirmed the United State's participation in World War I (WWI)in order to "make the world safe for democracy"…
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United States participation in World War I
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