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The Middle Ages and the Renaissance - Essay Example

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Nuns were revered women at the time. Besides influencing the instillation of cultural values and respect for both religion and…
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The Middle Ages and the Renaissance
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"The Middle Ages and the Renaissance"

Download file to see previous pages Religion was a vital cultural feature at the time. Religion influenced the cultural and social values in a society. Furthermore, religion influenced governance since religious leaders advised leaders. As such, religion was a fundamental cultural tenet in the early societies. The role of women in religion safeguarded the position of nuns thereby safeguarding some of the fundamental principles of faith.
Additionally, Herrad of Landsberg portrayed the role of women in enhancing the growth of knowledge and safeguarding the position of women in the society. She used arts to show the ability of women to learn and take part in arts. By authoring the Hortus deliciarum, a pictoral encyclopedia she sought to enhance the spread of knowledge besides proving the ability of women to take part in arts. The encyclopedia comprised of paintings and poems that helped grow both arts and the enlightenment of women. Her works were among the earliest forms of feminist movements.
Lavinia Fontana was among the earliest female artists in Italy. She was the daughter of a painter a feature that influenced her involvement in the art. Painted in 1576, Christ with the Symbols of the Passion is one of her works. Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun on the other hand was one of the most renowned female painters in Northern Europe in the 18th century. She created several works including Portrait of Princess Alexandra Golitsyna and her son Piotr in 1794. The two women had numerous similarities and differences all of which influenced their works and participation in the various forms of arts. Key among the similarities was the fact that they were both daughters of painters (McGuire 55). They therefore inherited the art from their fathers. Their involvement in the art was in a bid to foster the growth of their respective family business.
However, the two women lived in different times and locations thereby creating unique works that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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