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The present essay dwells on certain important historical issues. Reportedly, the Ottoman Empire was of critical importance to the European countries. Therefore, it had a great influence to World War 1 since Europeans imperial powers were the major participants of the war…
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Historical Issues
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"Historical Issues"

I disagree with you when stating that Hussein a hero and achieved much by trying to establish pan-Arab Kingdom. It is true that a major reason he was valued and believed to be a strong leader is that of his roots since he was believed to have come from the lineage of Prophet Muhammad.
Secondly, I will have to agree with you that Hussein was somehow a risk taker since he managed to involve the Turkish and British government independently. Though, I believe his tactics failed. I agree with you that European countries were in control of this territory, hence made it difficult for Hussein to exercise his powers. It is because, after World War 1, they managed securely and partitioned the area through the assistance of the League of Nation conferences meetings.
This post is the best I have read and responded so far. To start with, your ideas are very clear and coherent since you narrate the historical event in a systematic manner and sticking to the point. I agree with you that the center of attention between 1914 and 1918 in the Middle East was Great Britain. They had various reasons for camping and explored this region. Firstly, as you stated, they interested in exporting and importing goods to this region. Also, they intended to expand their territory and influence in this region, majorly because of the discovery oil in the Persian Gulf. I think the major reason you described the presence of the British Army in this region was to show how Ottoman Empire had little to do rule and make decisions in their territory. Read More
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Historical Issues Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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