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Art history ( romanticism art work) research paper - Essay Example

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During the era, railway transport formed the most important and new experience of travelling where nations, cultures, and cities networked with each…
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Art history ( romanticism art work) research paper
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Download file to see previous pages The painting represents the connection and inherent interaction between nature and human activities. Besides the relationship between human beings activities and nature existence, the painting reflects industrial revolution era between 1800 and 1848. The revolution era resulted from human activities including within the construction and manufacturing industry. The main form of transport during the era remained mainly as horse-driven and walking2. The advent of train resulted into great revolution in the transport sector with ability to maneuver through the world with great speed. However, the revolution era resulted into a contrast between the industrial activities and existence of nature. Turner realized the inherent contrast that existed within the revolution era and nature and painted the art of rain, steam, and speed to depict the difference. It is vital to understand that industrial revolution and trains of the 1800s used carbon fuels that emitted large amounts of dangerous gas emissions and smoke that consequently polluted the atmosphere3.
Due to the inherent pollution effects of gas emissions mainly from industrial activities including energy consumption from the train, Turner realized the need to sensitize the society of the contrast. Turner paints agricultural fields around the moving train to assists in explaining the inherent pollution effects of industrial revolution on other human activities.
The painting consists of mainly of a train moving on a railway line, agricultural fields on the left side with farmers tilting crops, a bridge, and the nature effects including the escaping hare. As aforementioned, Turner aimed at using atmospheric effect as a component of nature in explaining its relationship with human activities including industrialization and agriculture. The painting remained first exhibited at Royal Academy in 1844. Presently, the painting remains part of the current collection in National ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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