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Writting assingment on john wycliffe (argument ) - Essay Example

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This is because some of the contributions made by these scholars affect future generations in a significant manner. In this case, John Wycliffe, was a Christian scholar, who…
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Writting assingment on john wycliffe (argument )
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"Writting assingment on john wycliffe (argument )"

Download file to see previous pages The childhood life and the environment in which John Wycliffe grew shaped his future life. According to Roberts, the birth date of Wycliffe is estimated to be around 1330 and he grew up in Yorkshire, England (1). During this period, the clergy people had great influence in the community and flourished an expensive life compared to the other citizens. It is these scenarios that influenced Wycliffe to become an anticlerical supporter in the world of religion. Roberts further states that Wycliffe was interested in studying English and was also interested in the matters of spirituality (1). These passions exhibited by Wycliffe at his tender age were reflected in his life at latter years. For instance, Wycliffe was motivated to study theology at Rector of Fillingham College and also contributed to the bible translation into other vernacular languages (Roberts). These kinds of activities require people with passion to learn and exercise their writing skills.
It is after his studies and interaction with the clergy people that Wycliffe clearly understood and influenced his civilization concerning the Holy Scriptures and the conduct of the church leaders. Because of his spirituality and involvement in various church activities, Wycliffe was supported by the church for his further studies in Oxford University. Wholesome Words Organization cites that John Wycliffe once served at the parish of Ludgershall (1). This indicates that Wycliffe real life experience of the functioning of church in England. Moreover, Farley explains how Wycliffe was directly involved in the spread of the gospel. However, it is after joining the Oxford University as a scholar that Wycliff started attacking the Catholic clergy for practicing the ‘wrong’ approach in Christianity. It is also at this time that he became closer to the son of King Edward III and therefore received ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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