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John Wycliff's contribtions to the christian religion - Term Paper Example

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During the period of Wycliffe birth, the entire Europe and in particular England experienced spiritual darkness. At that particular time, the papacy’s influence was significantly felt the extent…
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John Wycliffs contribtions to the christian religion
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Download file to see previous pages Other individuals believed in giving out offerings so that they can receive forgiveness for their sins (McDonald 139). John Wycliffe acquired his college education at Morten College at Oxford, which acted as a fundamental tool in his career. This is becoming a significant and reputable icon towards building Christian faith.
During Wycliffe’s time, the church had a dominant force in almost all areas of life. The church utilized its power to exploit fellow Christians in a variety of ways. For instance, Christians were to pay for their sins whereby mode of payment was money or gifts meant for the ministers (Phillips 26). Most people were in bondage of the church and its sacraments based on how it expressed and ensured its power manipulated Christians. This prompted Wycliffe turned out to be the then fearless critical of the church’s abuse of power (Davis 98). Hence, becoming popular due to his stern stand and criticism on the church though he based his arguments on the word. The then secular government was an example of a reputable organization that boosted and sided with him in its quest to reveal how the church had become and taken advantage of its congregation’s ignorance. Government’s support was in form of preventing the church from directly condemning the emergent critic whose arguments were justifiable besides the church some of the dealings being unbiblical.
Wycliffe was also a significant workforce in the reformation of the church. During his time, the church seemed own a large area of England besides having an unconquerable influence (Lavinsky). Instances of corruption characterized the mainstream church more so the clergy taking advantage of the ignorant faithful. In addition, the clergy contrary to what their vows stated proved to be immoral besides sometimes allowed to pass certain stages without accomplishing the required measures, hence the church during then producing illiterate priests (McDonald ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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