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The Grand Tour and British Masculinity - Term Paper Example

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The historical study of masculinity is one of the interesting topics that begun in the 18th century where many wealthy British men could travel to various continents to explore and get further education. The majority of them were studying architecture, music and art that the…
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The Grand Tour and British Masculinity
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"The Grand Tour and British Masculinity"

Download file to see previous pages Nevertheless, most of the young men could go to the various nations to increase their knowledge and, as a result, it led to many benefits to the countries.
The peak of the grand tour appeared when they were sending young men abroad, the French fashions and the aspect of gender of connoisseurship influenced most of them and the view of masculinity associated them. Most of the men had developed the aspect of genders and sexuality, and their manliness had been reflected in their conduct, advising and education, and this was associated with men from the upper and middle class (Hilton & Shefrin 2009, p. 12).
The grand tour was one of the memorable moments in Europe, where many transformations were made. The grand tour was done by the wealthy young men and the royal families of Europe more so England, then the Americans, who could go to various nations and stay for years. Most of these men were writers, artists, architects, and thinkers who influenced the current European country. They came up with many ideas of trade, architecture and culture, which motivated more men to be sent abroad for exploration. The places they toured include France, Italy and Rome among others, where each nation had its benefit that they brought home. They were attracted by the landscapes, cities, and a warm climate (Verstraete 2010, p. 34).
They were able to travel to various archeological sites, and they influenced the places they went with western civilization. Rome attracted them with the classical heritage that ran through the museums and towns with attractive cosmopolitan centers. At first, they traveled to add knowledge to their education. However, with time, they realized that apart from adding knowledge to education, they also had other benefits that they brought back home such as the new culture, architecture and ideas (Savage 2008, p. 12).
The grand tour influenced the social, cultural, economic, architectural, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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