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John smith 3 - Essay Example

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His biography is discussed in the website;
The site gives a short…
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John smith 3
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"John smith 3"

Download file to see previous pages His return to England and his later years still in England after unsuccessful attempts to return to America. He published books that talked about his time abroad and pushed for imperialism and colonization of New England. He died in London in June 21, 1631.
The website uses a photograph of John Smith, direct links and related videos to other people John Smith interacted with such as Powhatan and Pocahontas of whom he met in the Jamestown settlement. It also posts some of the works John Smith published and the years published. The site is interactive as it allows the reader to correct any inaccurate information by sharing it with the site. It allows readers to share the link of any story to provided social sites e.g. Google +, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Information can also be printed from the site, and the reader can cite information from the page with three styles of citing already provided for the reader to use; APA, Harvard, and MLA (John, n.pag).
The website provides useful and accurate information about John Smith; it also point out some details where there is no surety of information is not clear or confirmed since John Smith tended to lie about his exploits. There are no biases in the way information was presented in the site; the site tries to be as accurate and as informative as it could (John, n.pag).
The impressive thing about the site is that it gives summarized information about John Smith. It does not really specify how the information was found hence the need to contact them in case of inaccuracy and unfairness in the site for example, the year John Smith was born is also given as around 1579 or 1580, which seems ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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