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Using either the Family or Religion, analyze the development of African American culture before the Civil War - Essay Example

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There is myriad contribution that the United States. The classical identity of the African-American gets rooted in the historical experience affiliated with the African-American people. Scholars from different…
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Using either the Family or Religion, analyze the development of African American culture before the Civil War
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"Using either the Family or Religion, analyze the development of African American culture before the Civil War"

Download file to see previous pages In the pre-war era, myriad dynamic changes got experienced in the bid that most of the religious practices changed as from one aspect to the other. This gets historically retrieved from the acts between the 18th and 19th century. Most importantly, the African-American religion changed dramatically2. In relations to the changes experienced in the religion, there were overwhelming convictions that were indispensable. This essay aims at exploring and describing the development of African-American culture in the means of worship3.
Initially, the Africans blended their detailed religious practices with the European American elements or worship. This is because their rituals were rather complex and unsuitable to the North American environment. For instance, practices by the African Americans that could have had the basis of ancestral worship and spirit possession were greatly underpinned by the Native Americans and the European Americans4. Some of the common traits of worship that would have proven hard to change in the African American culture included the call-response form of preaching. It shows the might of the African Americans in terms of faith; however, all these practices form the starting point of the American Revolution. Of course, it involves the already settling African Americans5.
African-Americans were initiated and accepted in the society as slaves. The pre-American revolution sessions get depicted to have accommodated most of the slaves out of the Christianity helm. That is; very few of the slaves got the chance to engage in Christian practices. The steering factor of this kind of societal structure was because the holders of plantations in which the slaves worked stopped them. According to the Native and European American, granting the blacks the rights of worship could have fostered equality amongst them. Accordingly, the Gramsci notion of hegemony commenced its domineering even towards the beliefs of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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