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African Culture and Development - Essay Example

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The present essay dwells on the culture of Africa. Hence, it should be pointed out that the culture of Africa is an undeniably a rich and wide one, with assorted aesthetic values that have ambient roots based on a tradition that has been the pride of many people…
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African Culture and Development
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Download file to see previous pages A cultural aspect that has led to growth and development in Africa is the culture through which many African conflicts resolve their conflicts. The African culture is one that promotes peaceful and participatory dialogues in solution issues. When families and relatives disagree, most African countries opt for out-for-court settlement (Wanda 9). A council of elders is usually assembled to address the issue at hand and provide solutions. This council of elders is selected from among the wisest and intelligent of men in the society, who have shown incredible records of peace-keeping and have been exemplary leaders in their families. When a man portrays such characteristics, they can be bestowed with the responsibility of executing ideas and passing judgments that are fair and unbiased (Vakunta 30). The men are also the custodians of the societal law and traditions and hence, they are symbols of leadership. Similarly, many African countries have extended this cultural practice to governance and leadership. The leaders who are chosen in the countries are expected to uphold and respect the law and to remain transparent and accountable to the people. An example of a country that has greatly adhered to this is Rwanda, which is keen to prevent a repeat of the genocide that claimed over 100,000 people in a genocide that only lasted for 100 days! Apt conflict resolution, therefore, has been a great factor towards promoting growth and development of Africa. However, cultural practices have greatly hindered the development of Africa. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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African Culture and Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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