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Relationship between World war 1 and World war 2 - Essay Example

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In this context, World War II is a good example of catastrophic outcomes due to the mistakes made by the winners of World War I in Versailles negotiations in 1919. In particular, inability to…
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Relationship between World war 1 and World war 2
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Extract of sample "Relationship between World war 1 and World war 2"

One of the purposes of History is to find connections between the previous events. In this context, World War II is a good example of catastrophic outcomes due to the mistakes made by the winners of World War I in Versailles negotiations in 1919. In particular, inability to create a comprehensive international treaty in terms of economic stability and social protection pushed Germany to start the new war.
On the one hand, Germany was rejected in its right to maintain an army and be wealthy. In fact, the number of people who could protect this land should not be more than 100,000 volunteers, while all the weapons were confiscated by USA, Great Britain, and France. Moreover, numerous natural resources were taken away from Germans. In this context, even Winston Churchill recognized the cruel nature of the new treaty.
On another hand, significant territories were taken away from Germany in favor to France, Poland, Belgium, and Czech. Actually, such an action can be considered as a national abasement of Germany; thus, it could be predicted that the new generation in this country would dream of the revenge. Consequently, Adolf Hitler could easily appeal to Nazism as it reflected the social preferences in this country.
And so, the willingness of the winners of World War I to punish the losers as severely as possible turned into the one of their biggest blunders. If Germany had not been suffering that much, it would have never thought of starting the new continental war. Read More
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