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Egypt and Mesopotamia - Research Paper Example

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Continent of Asia is enriched by the numerous numbers of civilizations customs and traditions whose history is now considered as hallmark to be included in every history text book. History of Egypt and Mesopotamia are generally considered very important in Asian history. Both…
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Egypt and Mesopotamia
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Extract of sample "Egypt and Mesopotamia"

Egypt and Mesopotamia Continent of Asia is enriched by the numerous numbers of civilizations customs and traditions whosehistory is now considered as hallmark to be included in every history text book. History of Egypt and Mesopotamia are generally considered very important in Asian history. Both civilizations were similar in many ways with a few differences,
Religion was treated as a compulsive element in both societies. Almost both of the societies had same religious aspects. Egyptians and Mesopotamians were in general practice to build shrines, temples and places of worships to praise their gods. Not only this but the rulers of both societies− pharos, kings were considered as gods because of their power and wealth.
Instead of being very similar in different religious points Egyptians and Mesopotamians however shared a different and pretty distinct culture in numerous ways. Language and development of alphabet was very different. Mesopotamian’s language was way too complex as compared to Egyptians also their studies and researches in the field of astronomy and other subjects were advance from the latter ones.
Political comparison is actually very interesting. Politics and government formation in Egypt was very stable comparatively to Mesopotamia where shifting of power and states was very frequent. This was majorly because of the difference in geography, invasions and exposure to the outside world.
The great tombs and pyramids which are now considered as the wonders are actually not because of the Egyptians religious beliefs in fact its geography has also played a significant role in those earthly wonders. According to geographers Egyptians were blessed with a good supply of great stones which they use very brilliantly in pyramids formation. Not only this, both civilizations were heavily dependent on rivers for the agriculture and irrigation purposes. Egyptians on River Nile and Mesopotamian’s on Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Comparatively speaking, agricultural production of Egyptians was greater than Mesopotamians due to their effective planning and also political stability which resulted in increase in their population bringing prosperity.
Due to broad exposure Mesopotamians technological improvements were wide spread comparatively to Egyptians. They were accustomed to give more importance to trade, business and their merchant class which resulted in their economic stability.
Also in everyday life Egyptians showed great deal of respect and affection towards their families particular their females (Bulliet 25). As for them marriage was a vital thing in monarchy so that’s why their women got impressive attention from their kings and males. We can also see the importance of women in Egyptian civilization in their art and literature. So the family bonding seemed to be more string in Egypt as compared to be in Mesopotamia.
Also both civilization practiced hierarchy way too religiously with kings, pharos and queens on top and lows classed people and slaves on the bottom.
Both similarities and differences mentioned above represent the relation of two very important civilizations of Asia. Though they were similar in different perspectives but still some significant differences were there which separated them from each other thus highlighting their own preferences, customs and traditions to the outer world.
Bulliet, Richard W. Earth and Its People: A Global History, Complete Brief Edition. S.l.: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2005. Print. Read More
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