The changes made as a result of the uprising known as the Arab Spring have been mostly positive for Libya - Essay Example

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The Western nations consider this revolution as the outcome of general urge to dethrone dictators and to restore peace and to spread the…
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The changes made as a result of the uprising known as the Arab Spring have been mostly positive for Libya
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Extract of sample "The changes made as a result of the uprising known as the Arab Spring have been mostly positive for Libya"

Download file to see previous pages On the other side, some people consider that the Arab Spring transformed the Middle East Asian and African nations from political stability to instability and anarchy. Thesis statement: The statement ‘The changes made as a result of the uprising known as the ‘Arab Spring’ have been mostly positive for Libya’ is valid because the same helped the people of Libya to keep themselves away from dictatorship, anarchy, and political instability.
The arguments in favor of the positive influence of Arab Spring in Libyan context are based upon the fact that the same helped the people of Libya to be free from the clutches of dictatorship initiated by Col. Al Gaddafi. To be specific, the mass protest originated in the Arab area (say, the Middle East Asian and African nations) in the year 2011 later transformed into civil wars in different nations. Besides, the initial victory gained by the Tunisian protestors in their motherland inspired other nations under dictatorship. But Gaddafi never expected that he will be the victim of the revolutionary spirit of his own people. Nicholas Hagger stated that, “Gaddafi had attempted to bring in socialist measures to benefit the poor, but, obsessed with statelessness and “direct democracy” (Revolutionary committees and popular congresses), he had allowed an anarchistic and chaotic political structure (or rather, lack of structure) to impede his efforts” (137). To be specific, the people of Libya were not ready to be under a cruel dictator like Gaddafi. Gaddafi tired his level best to suppress the protest in his ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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