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The argument that nuclear weapons are not a major war threat but only useful as a deterrent measure is plausible, although there is a need to understand that when the conflict between different powers in the world has accelerated beyond control, and measure, even the use of…
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Discussion Replies
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Discussion Replies on nuclear weapons Response to Post The argument that nuclear weapons are not a major war threat but only useful as a deterrent measure is plausible, although there is a need to understand that when the conflict between different powers in the world has accelerated beyond control, and measure, even the use of nuclear weapons is still a possibility. Nevertheless, the observation that biological weapons which can wipe out the entire world population would replace the nuclear weapons as the major war weaponry after the elimination of all nuclear weapons is accurate. This is because, the global powers cannot exist without seeking another military tool that would keep the political and military balance of power in the world sustained as it is. Better still, is the observation that absent the nuclear threat, large army building would be the next strategy for the world powers.
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The relevance of the argument that nuclear weapons are not irrelevant because they are the weapons against themselves is an interesting but very accurate observation. Nuclear weapons are the weapons against nuclear weapons, due to the fact that they deter any country from using them, since retaliation with the same weapons would destroy the world. Additionally, the observation that nuclear weapons in the world exists only as a deterrence is plausible, owing to the fact that there is no victory that would be achieved through the use of nuclear weapons, as the whole population would already be destroyed. It is also true that with the nuclear weapons eliminated, the new war technology would turn to the use of drones for attacks. Read More
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Discussion Replies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 3.
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