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Why fear big business - Essay Example

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Although railroads were very famous in the United States of America during the Gilded Age, the construction of and the greatest development occurred in Europe. In a matter of fact, George Stephenson who was a British engineer is best known as the "Father of Railways”. It is a…
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Why fear big business
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"Why fear big business"

Download file to see previous pages Capitalism is said to have begun in 1834 in England, another reason the cartoonist would want to use a European Knight.
The late nineteenth century saw the US thoroughly changed by the Industrial Revolution from a principally agricultural state that ranked well behind England, France, and Germany to the world’s most formidable industrial power by it is today (Keene et al., pg. 56). Whereas many Americans celebrated the Industrial Revolution for the unparalleled material wealth and growth it brought to the society, others became concerned by some of the dingy significances of industrializations. The consequence of these disagreeing visions was an extreme debate over the appropriate role of the state in regulating the economy, the workers’ rights to form unions and advocate for better pay and working conditions. The emergence of big corporations in the late nineteenth century during the period of rapid economic growth saw the rise of very powerful men.
The choice of color and placement in the drawing provokes only appreciation of the cartoonist’s work. All the objects the cartoonist uses to depict the situation that presented the American worker are thought for. Whereas the average worker has only the strike as the weapon, the large corporations have the power to bribe not only the press for favorable coverage but also to state officials suppressing the government for laws that were good for business. The two different onlookers, the comfortably-seated and widely-smiling business tycoons and the standing hunger-stricken workers help the viewer see how much disparity existed in America. While the handful of the tycoons on the left sit under a shade, there is no shade for the seemingly endless crowd. It symbolizes how malnourished the people are- something that is father supported by the look on the children’s face (Keene et al., ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Why Fear Big Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Why Fear Big Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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Big business challenge them with new laws. Economic power should never be so consolidated that it eclipses the needs of the Republic. Roosevelt considered himself a progressive, and he felt that many of these new big companies, the trusts, were having a negative effect on ordinary American lives. He felt they needed new regulations and rules in order to do business more fairly. When he looked at the American economic scene, he saw workers being exploited, shoddy products being created, a lack of competition, and a sense of impunity. Not only were these things unjust in their own way, he believed they would also be economically detrimental in the longer term. He decided to challenge the Robber Barons and return...
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...Costalli, S., Moretti, L., & Pischedda, C. . The Economic Costs of Civil War: Synthetic Counterfactual Evidenceand the Effects of Ethnic Fractionalization. HiCN Working Papers, 184. This paper provides an analysis of the role of the civil war in the destruction of the economy of a particular region. This paper directly relates to the topic of big business because it is virtually impossible for any business organization to achieve growth in an environment that is not stable. Civil wars and conflicts normally have the capability of destroying the economy of a given region, and this is better reflected in Iraq, Sub-Saharan Africa and various regions of the world, which are prone to civil...
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