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Since its initial publication in 1893, the Turner’s Frontier thesis has quickly become one of the most influential and pervasive models of American history. The thesis is noted to espouse three main points; First, the American frontier line can be perceived as being the most…
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Download file to see previous pages In his thesis, Turner points out that America is unique due to a number of reasons that include the settlement by White people, the existence of large areas of free land and its continuous recession as well as the Westward advancement of American settlement. He further argues that it is these three attributes that are the central story of American history. A number of historical events can be noted to arguably support this thesis. One of these events is the Bacon’s rebellion.
The Bacon’s rebellion is noted to have occurred over a period of several months in Tidewater Virginia. The rebellion was brought about by a rapidly growing shortage of available land as well as the colony’s relatively complicated relations with both the hostile and friendly tribes of Native Americans. Noble (42), points out that in one of his essays, Turner points out that the Bacon’s rebellion was essentially the first attempt of the American people to attempt to throw out both the British authority as well as the colonial aristocracy. As is characteristic of Turner’s thesis, the eastern authority was able to gradually push inland into the American frontier to the fall line of the rivers that served to end the existence of this first frontier.
Turner’s thesis is also noted to be supported by the ideology behind Manifest Destiny. The ideology behind this phrase was that it was indeed the providential mission of the United States to ensure that it extends itself over the frontier as this was essentially a God-given national right. In this regard, the American frontier is noted to have quickly moved across the nation although this was not done in a uniform manner. Americans believed that all the land spanning form the Pacific to the Atlantic should be filled. When all this area was eventually filled in 1893, Turner proclaimed that the American Frontier was closed. It was during this time that the United States started moving towards a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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