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What Makes a Human Person a Person - Essay Example

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This paper will try to look into the relation of genetics with our beliefs vis-à-vis recognizing the important role played by science in our quest for meaning and understanding of human nature. Commonly understood, the term genetics is the scientific study of inheritance of specific traits…
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What Makes a Human Person a Person
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Download file to see previous pages Commonly understood, the term genetics is the scientific study of inheritance of specific traits. It is derived from the Greek term genno (γεννω) which means to give birth. However, contemporary discussion of genetics is not only limited to the study of inherited physical disabilities. It has now embarked on researches which hold that religion, beliefs are not something which is perpetuated by repeated actions and instituted by norms but that religious belief is, in fact, hard-wired in our brains. But before we go there, we will have a glance on the importance and the story of genetics?
The story of genetics is not solely of contemporary concern. Long before the period of computers, during the genre of the ancient thinkers, great names like Hippocrates and Aristotle, have already been wondering and toying with the idea of the viability and possibility of inheriting acquired characteristics or attributes by a newborn child from his/her parents or some distant ancestors. This particular notion which has been later developed fully by Darwin has been known as “pangenesis”. (Sturtevent, 2001, p 1)
However, the most prominent person whose works have virtually laid down the foundation for genetics without DNA or chromosomes is the mathematician monk Gregor Mendel via his work on green peas. By performing hybridization experiments and systematically analyzing the result of his experiments, Mendel has given us the basic general laws of genetics which are segregation and independent assortment. The result of his works has been published in 1866 and by 1869 DNA has been discovered by Friedrich Miescher. By 1900 the work of Mendel has been found and new interests on the field surged. On 1905, William Bateson coined the term ‘genetics’ to refer to the study of heredity. From the period of 1905 - 1944, scholars have come up with astounding findings.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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