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Tradition paper - Essay Example

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Homecoming tradition that has existed in the University for 92 years involves a reunion of alumni, students, parents, and family. Homecoming celebrations normally consist of football games,…
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Tradition paper
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Extract of sample "Tradition paper"

Tradition paper Tradition Paper The essay will discuss homecoming tradition in the history of the of Arizona. Homecoming tradition that has existed in the University for 92 years involves a reunion of alumni, students, parents, and family. Homecoming celebrations normally consist of football games, parades, dinners, and class reunion. Homecoming tradition in the University of Arizona normally involves all departments and colleges within the institution. Homecoming event occurs annually and normally attract thousands of the University of Arizona alumni.
Homecoming began in 1914 when Alumni of the University of Arizona held the first event on the weekend. The first homecoming event started with a football match between Pomona College and Wildcats. During the historic moment, Pomona college team lost to Wildcats before a crowd of the 1,500 University of Arizona alumni. The tradition continued annually with usual homecoming football game as kickoff. Thereafter, the tradition became famous, and other games joined including athletes.
Homecoming tradition has changed since its inception in 1914. The tradition started with a remarkable football game on the afternoon before a crowd of approximately 1,500 people. Currently, homecoming tradition has grown into the largest and most famous event in college history. In addition, to the increased number of homecoming event attendance, officials of the tradition have increased the number of activities and celebrations done by the alumni. Moreover, homecoming tradition has evolved from when it used to register freely participants to the current state involving electing homecoming queens and kings. Furthermore, homecoming event officials hold enormous parades with more technical materials. The tradition has also designed mascots.
It is evident that the praxis of homecoming queen and king begun after World War II. During the homecoming event, student council would normally elect a homecoming queen before the king. However, the tradition of electing the king heightened in 1983. Thereafter, homecoming event begun a praxis of crowning queen and King at pep rally situated close to Old Main and at the bonfire.
Homecoming parade had also evolved from the time when student council operated it at along the streets of downtown Tucson. Thereafter, parade moved to the University of Arizona mall where it developed into the largest and entertaining parade.
The most widely attended event among homecoming activities includes tents on the mall beside the football game. Tents on the mall event consisted of various combinations, activities and people including alumni and students established food, drinks, sororities, fraternities, and another entertainment. Since the inception of tents of the mall in 1895, it has grown tremendously that it occupies nearly the entire mall.
Other homecoming events would include the bear down bash. The event remains a legendary bash that includes presentation of homecoming loyalty, entertainment by PeP Band of the University of Arizona, hosted cocktail hour and dinner. Normally, bear down bash depicts a homecoming festive.
Homecoming event remains the famous tradition in University of Arizona mainly due to its ability to embrace active heritage of the institution. Homecoming tradition has a rich heritage where all alumni of the University of Arizona join after completion of their degree programs. The heritage consists of old experienced members of homecoming tradition who have remained emotionally attached to the culture. The heritage have developed into a culture for the University over which old students and new students of the University of Arizona socially interact.
University of Arizona. (2014). Alumni Association: Homecoming events. Web. October 30, 2014. Retrieved from Read More
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