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04 October 2011. Chinese tradition: This paper is primarily based on discussing the very important features associated with Chinese tradition which is one of the oldest and most complex traditions in the world…
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Report on Chinese Tradition
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"Report on Chinese Tradition"

Facts and discussion presented in this paper are basically meant to highlight the reality of the claim that “over time, the Chinese tradition has remained successful in maintaining its uniqueness and it is still considered highly different and surprising considering the elements of thoughtful and catchy beliefs and philosophies which are too prominent in everything to remain ignorant to.” Striking the right balance between taste and health benefits gains love for Chinese food due to the fact that herbal plants began to be used in Chinese cuisine before they were thought about as food ingredients anywhere else in the world. So many food philosophies were created in ancient China which claimed that food should necessarily include a broad range of flavors so that the basic nutritional requirements of a human body could be met in a good way. Using herbal plants in the food in a way that leaves a very big impression in one’s mind is basically a practical application of the belief that food and medicine share the same origin, which is a part of Chinese tradition. Chinese philosophers have always stressed on adding health benefits like longevity and medicinal values to the food and using less fatty ingredients. “A good Chinese food is prepared with poly unsaturated oils and does not use milk based ingredients like cream, butter and cheese” (Health Benefits of Chinese Foods). The element of symmetry is too obvious in Chinese housing/architecture while specially focusing on width which sets the Chinese tradition in contrast with the Western culture which lays stress on height in architecture, thus proving the reality of the claim that Chinese culture is every bit as unique in architecture as in cuisine. Appreciating the basic skill with which such traditional style buildings are constructed by expert Chinese builders is hard to resist because every minute detail is worked on in a good way (ChinatownConnection). The lovely aspect of the architecture which gets it different from the other building styles practiced around the world is that the interior of buildings is designed in such a way that it highly reflects Chinese social and ethical values. It is also nice to mention that in contrast to other architectures, wood is used as the main constructing material in Chinese architecture owing to the fact that wood represents life in Chinese culture. China has rapidly modernized itself in transportation over the past years while this is an interesting fact that no form of wheeled vehicle existed in China prior to 1200 BC. According to one source, about 300 million bicycles are currently being used in China which sets this country in huge contrast with other countries (Transport in China). While in ancient China, transportation was really poor in condition, nowadays a vast network of transport is currently thriving in China. Historical documents say that for a very long time in China, low-speed means of transportation remained in practice in spite of the fact that world outside China had changed much in terms of transportation. It took China many years to change its transportation style and invest in fast-speed trains, planes, and buses. “With an aggressive effort since 1949, by the Chinese government to improve their country, a comprehensive transportation system was created. It consisted of railways, highways, airplanes” Read More
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