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On radiation - Research Paper Example

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There are two basic types of radiation, namely the ionizing radiation and the nonionizing radiation. The ionizing radiation produces ions…
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Research paper on radiation
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"On radiation"

Download file to see previous pages Unstable atoms produce the ionizing radiation. Unstable atoms are the atoms with either excess mass or excess energy or both unlike the stable atoms. The unstable nuclei of the atoms provide them with the radioactive properties. These atoms release excess mass or energy in an attempt to gain stability. It is this excess mass or energy that is called as radiation. High voltage devices like the x-ray machines are used to produce radiation.
Measurement of radiation is complicated and involves use of different kinds of units. The amount of the emitted radiation is conventionally measured in the curie (Ci). The SI unit for the measurement of radiation is the Becquerel (Bq). “These units express the number of disintegrations (or breakdowns in the nucleus of an element) per second as the element tries to reach a stable or nonradioactive state. One Bq is equal to one disintegration per second and one Ci is equal to 37 billion Bq” (Crosta). To measure the amount of radiation absorbed by the tissues in the human body, the SI unit gray (Gy) or the conventional unit Roentgen absorbed dose (rad) is used.
Radiation finds multiple uses in the field of medicine. Ways in which radiation is employed in the medical imaging include but are not limited to projectional radiography, fluoroscopy, computed tomography, ultrasound, bone densitometry, medical resonance imaging, positron emission tomography, and dual energy X-ray absorptiometry. Depending upon the way radiation is generated for the clinical purposes, radiation therapies can be classified into grenz-ray therapy, contact therapy, superficial therapy, deep therapy or orthovoltage therapy, supervoltage therapy, and megavoltage therapy (Khan 35-37). “Medical uses of radiation, particularly diagnostic X rays, result in the largest average annual effective dose from man-made sources” (Turner 12). Ionizing radiation is used in radiotherapy for the treatment of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...Radiation Protection Number Radiation protection is the process whereby the individual working in a place where radiation is emitted are protected from its harmful exposure. The individual uses different protection gears. For example, some protection materials are capable of absorbing the radiation. Basically, the protection gears are meant to eliminate or reduce the harmful effects of the radiation emissions. In addition to protecting the human beings from these radiations, the environment is also protected. This is because the radiation can also bring some changes in the environment that will affect the human or...
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...the advantage of not emitting greenhouse gases known to harm the environment and further generates minimal waste as compared to the other sources of power. Nonetheless, the need to mine radioisotopes to supply the energy for the power plant poses the risk of polluting the environment with particulate matter and noise. References Environmental Protection Agency. (2012, April). Radiation: Facts, risks and realities. Washington, DC: Office of Air and Radiation. Habiba, U. & Saha, S. K. (2013). Analysis of solar energy and solar power plants to neutralize the load-shedding problem in Bangladesh. American Journal of Environment, Energy and Power Research, 1 (2), 33 – 44. Katoria, D., Sehgal,...
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...Radiation al Affiliation) Introduction to radiation Radiation is energy that has a particular source and travels through space. It has the ability to penetrate various materials whereas non ionizing radiation is potentially harmless; ionizing radiation is dangerous because it produces charged particles (ions) in matter. Types of Radiation There are two types of radiation i.e. solar and ionizing radiation. Solar radiation is largely optical radiation which includes ultraviolet (UV), visible (light) and infrared radiation, although ionizing radiation and radio-frequency radiation are also present in the electromagnetic spectrum. UV radiation comprises only about 5% of total solar radiation but is biologically important, as exposure... to this...
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