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Dissent opinions on the war stimulated protests that aimed at opposing America’s engagement in the war. Many other factors however…
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Comparing Reasons for College Protests in the 1960s “The Vietnam war and anger of African American were some the apparent causes of the realized protests in the decade (Conlin 275). Dissent opinions on the war stimulated protests that aimed at opposing America’s engagement in the war. Many other factors however explain anger among African American students into the protests, some of which could explain the protests in other regions. Rules that regulated colleges were outdated and were not appropriate for the college students whose ages were different from corresponding students’ ages when the rules were established. The rules therefore appeared restrictive to the older population leading to protests. Freedom that college students experienced, including interactions outside campuses that strengthened comradeship bonds, also motivated students into protests. College administrators were also strict in implementing rules, in punishments, and this led to protests in reaction (Conlin 275). In addition, ethnic based concerns, especially in the United States, such as discrimination, and governments’ arbitrary decisions over students, such as involvement in national services caused the protests (Kennedy & Null 1).
Significance of the 10 Points of the Black Panther Party platform and Rationale Behind the Demands
The ten points were significant in defining the change that the black community desired in the United States and beyond. The points followed the war for equality that shifted from civil rights to black power that the Black Panther Party championed. Achieving objective of the ten points would identify a revolution, a factor that also identifies significance of the demand. There would be a change to autonomy among blacks, eradicated unemployment, and abolition of slavery, access to education, and exemption from military service. Other desired changes were abolition of police brutality, freedom for black convicts, and jury composition of black juries for black cases. Success in realization of the points, even if not immediate, also establishes the significance because the points offered a blueprint for change. Adherents of the Black Panther Party platform would make such demands because of the oppressions that Blacks experienced in the American society. Factors such as slavery, unemployment that meant poverty and poor quality of health, and discriminatory treatments in various places are examples of the experiences that would motivate the adherents into the demands (Pinkney 103, 104).
Some of the main Themes of Tom Hayden’s Article
Significance of students’ power in the movement and factors into the protests were some of the major themes in the article. The author notes continued expansion of the students’ movement that he compares with the ethnic conflict at the time. He notes that the students’ movement achieves greater success and its leaders become more established. Referring to the movement in Columbia, the author notes that within a year, other campuses have assimilated the movement and techniques that are more sophisticated are developed. Causes of the students’ protests are another theme and opposition of the “middle class world of manipulation channeling, and careerism” is an example (Hayden 1). Opposition to social institutions and the need for rules that are more liberal are other factors into the students’ movement that the author identifies. In addition, the students wanted a transformed university system and their participation in the reformation. Cultural recognition in the ethnically volatile society is another factor that the author identifies with the students’ movement (Hayden 1).
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