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Prompt Compare and contrast the methods used by Spain and France in creating their North American colonies (remember that North America refers to modern Canada, United States, and Mexico) - Assignment Example

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This assignment discusses the differences and similarities in the administrative methods used by the Spain and French colonizers in developing and managing their North American colonies. The Spanish and the French are among the most significant colonizers to settle in the North…
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Assignment Prompt Compare and contrast the methods used by Spain and France in creating their North American colonies (remember that North America refers to modern Canada, United States, and Mexico)
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"Prompt Compare and contrast the methods used by Spain and France in creating their North American colonies (remember that North America refers to modern Canada, United States, and Mexico)"

Download file to see previous pages The French used the policy of assimilation. They were friendly to the locals and strived to influence a holistic culture change as they absorbed the locals. They developed schools and churches for the locals besides relating with them as their equals. They encouraged the natives to embrace education and their way of life thus becoming their equals. The Spanish on the other hand were harsh to the natives. The Spanish the natives harshly, they used the natives and the African slaves similarly thus creating animosity between them and the natives1. Additionally, the Spanish brutalized those who did not convert thus spreading their culture forcefully throughout the colony. This instigated widespread resistance and rebellion from the natives. Key similarity between the French and he Spanish was their attempt to convert the locals to their culture and way of life. They established missions to help spread their new religions to the locals since this would help harmonize the colonies.
Pickett, Margaret F., and Dwayne W. Pickett. The European Struggle to Settle North America Colonizing Attempts by England, France and Spain, 1521-1608. Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland & Co, 2011. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Assignment Prompt Compare and Contrast the Methods Used by Spain and.
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