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The Mughal rule in India started during the period of 16th century and the empire came into existence when Babur became victorious while fighting the battle of Panipat during the period of 1526. Since then the Mughal Empire continued to expand as the descendants of Mughal rulers…
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Second draft area studies
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Download file to see previous pages Art was quite heavily improved in the region of India under the Mughal rule as they developed several paintings that were rich in color. The art work was highly influenced by the Persian art work and this was because the Mughals invited Persian artists to come to India and provide training to the locals to produce similar high quality art work. Due to this the locals were able to create art work that comprised the essence of the art of both the Persians and the Indians. Another major contribution made by the Mughals to the society of India was that they taught the locals about how to tolerate each other’s religious and cultural practices. The tolerance towards culture was quite clearly depicted by different Mughal emperors especially by Babar and Akbar who are regarded as two of the greatest Mughal rulers. Both Babar and Akbar were Muslim leaders but they had immense tolerance towards the Hindu religion. During the period of Akbar several Hindu worship homes including temples were developed. Doniger states that Akbar was completely tolerant towards the Hindu religion and he believed that both the Hindus and the Muslims can live together peacefully. He allowed Man Singh to develop several temples in the region of Vrindaban and he himself provided material for the development of these temples (Doniger 560). Akbar further professed tolerance towards other religion by abolishing taxes that had been imposed on individuals who were not Muslims.
There were various factors that contributed towards the end of the era of Mughal Empire. The Mughal Emperor who was highly responsible for the downfall and miserable end of the empire was Aurangzeb. The very first action due to which Aurangzeb came into power became one of the causes of the decline of Mughals. He attained the rule by taking the life of his own brother and imprisoning his own father. Due to this his own relatives stood against him. He performed various activities that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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