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During World War I and World War II, many countries focused on constructions of sophisticated weapons in order to improve their chances of becoming victorious in the war. However, it occurred that a significant number of the weapons that were used exhibited a high level of…
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Naval History
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Download file to see previous pages The Great Britain in a competition to match German Naval Power, constructed large battleship referred as HMS Dreadnoughts; this battleship was the dominant naval technology in the 20th century. People had a strong impression on this ship and many countries, specifically Germans were uneasy with British dominancy on Naval Space.1 The United States also constructed a more sophisticated Battleship referred as the HMS Agamemnon; this ship was constructed under President Roosevelt’s regime in the early 1902. The HMS Agamemnon was characterized by high-firing gun caliber. Before construction of the Agamemnon, the United States of America had also constructed HMS Dreadnoughts.
Another similarity in relation to naval innovation between in the United States of America and the Great Britain was exhibited in the manner by, which the battleships were constructed. The HMS Dreadnoughts constructed by the United States of America and that constructed by the British, were fitted with Long Range Gunnery, however, they could only fire within a short period of time. The Idea of the fitting HMS Dreadnoughts with Long Range Gunneries was emulated by the United States in 1903, after the Yalu River Battle with Japanese: These long range gunneries were referred as Torpedoes. Similarly, the British Navy also saw the need to engage their opponent from long ranges of approximately 6000ft when using HMS Dreadnoughts. 2
Additionally, the use of Sub-Marines was an idea that was emulated by the United States as well as the Great Britain in the First and the Second World War. The use submarines to undertake naval warfare in the early 1900’s was perceived as a crude approach towards war both in the United States and the Great Britain. However, submarine as a naval technology was also subject to change and improvement and both the nations emulated the use of different classes of submarines i.e. the United States used the U-class models among other models, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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