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This article limited the central government’s power and made congress to make the decisions and implement them. This was later amended as…
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Foundation of the American constitution
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Foundation of the American Constitution Affiliation: The first constitution was d the Article of confederation and it was drafted between 1776 and 1777 and it was ratified by 13 states. This article limited the central government’s power and made congress to make the decisions and implement them. This was later amended as well as other articles and laws to be made and included in what we now know as the constitution. The drafting of the constitution was done in 1787 under the presence of 74 delegates. This was later ratified in 1789 and George Washington became the president (Vile, 2010).
The Bill of rights borrowed heavily and was influenced by the English Bill of Rights and was included in the constitution in 1791. It consisted of ten amendments which basically involved forbidding cruelty and punishments that were excessive and unnecessary as well as providing liberties to the citizens. The first amendment of the constitution was carried out in 1791 and it prohibited obstruction of freedoms of individuals. This was followed by other amendments with time the most fundamental ones being protection of people accused of crime through Miranda warning, the other abolished slavery, prohibited discrimination based on race as well as the most renowned of allowing women the right to vote just to mention a few (Vile, 2010).
The constitution remains important as it provides protection and most important justice for all in the United States. The most important part of the constitution is the Bill of Rights that grants freedoms and rights to the citizens ensuring their survival, justice and equality in the country no matter their social class or race.
Vile, J. (2010). A Companion to the United States Constitution and Its Amendments. New York: ABC-CLIO. Read More
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Foundation of the American Constitution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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