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The Sectional Problem: Slavery and the Three Fifths Compromise - Essay Example

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An excerpt taken from “Chapter 2- Framing the Perfect Union” in Martin Diamond’s work entitled “Founding of the democratic republic” states, “All other things being equal, delegates still preferred that their interests, their constituents, their state or section…
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The Sectional Problem: Slavery and the Three Fifths Compromise
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Extract of sample "The Sectional Problem: Slavery and the Three Fifths Compromise"

Download file to see previous pages The essays in the work of Martin Diamond were said to provide arguments that imply the United States is fully a democratic country, but this thought is not fully supported by a variety of scholars. It also carries the responses on criticisms that America’s founders did not do enough to make way for “progressive reforms” (Claremont Institute, n.d.). This paper aims to focus on one of the points made by Martin Diamond on his work and provide the significant insights of the said point.
The excerpt is one of the main points of Martin Diamond’s work found in Chapter 2, which was about the “framing of the constitution” or literally shaping it. This chapter talks about the need to build a foundation of laws in a nation. This was the key start to having reformed states in the nation (Diamond, 1981). The chapter also indicates the involvement of significant people, and the challenges that were faced in the midst of shaping the constitution.
Sectional problems are addressed in this chapter as well as the remedies done to put a resolution to these problems. It stated the compromises that the government faced with the worsening conflicts. Martin Diamond made a point in one of the excerpts about sectional problems to emphasize on the challenges that a country faces along with its states. The author stipulates the facts as to why America is questioned on its implication of being a democratic country when there are issues arising from each state (Diamond, 1981). The author’s point is crucial to identify what a democratic nation simply means, and the issues on personal interests of each state.
The significance of this excerpt provided me with interest and curiosity on the challenges of a nation facing several interests, and issues among its states. The importance of the excerpt is that it provides an outlook of the real conflicts arising each state on laws and the constitution. This is significant in order to identify resolutions to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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