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The concept of plebeian sexual morality has intrigued a generation of historians, sociologists and anthropologists alike due to the intriguing elements which surround the practice and the manner in which it has impacted the understanding and analysis of the ties of family,…
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Plebeian Sexual Morality
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Download file to see previous pages lopment of sexual values during the identified epoch is characterized by the presence of highly conflicting standards and perspectives regarding critical notions encompassing sociological concepts and cultural understandings. As noted by Clark, the most critical consideration which must be highlighted and outlined with reference to this aspect is linked with acknowledging the fact sexual morality and standards in itself are a matter of conflicting outlooks across communities (42). The author proposes that while exploring this aspect it is significant to understand how and why sexual morality of towards the departure of the eighteenth century and the arrival of the nineteenth century emerged as a notion of complexity.
The consequences of the aforementioned factors are viewed through the lens of the sociological issues and problems which surfaced in the period and led to the questioning of the moral norms of communities. These issues can be identified in terms of the rise in individuals engaging in sexual intercourse before marriage and the subsequent increase in unwanted pregnancies and illegitimate children because of the scenario (Clark 42). Consequently, these outcomes can be highlighted as the direct impact of what Clark terms as crisis of sexuality and sexual moral standards (42).
The underlying causes of these choices can be explored in depth to identify the key reasons behind the plebeian’s motivation for choosing a distinct way of life. This examination essentially raises two significant questions – was the plebeians’ decision based on principal social issues which can be associated with the period or was the progression of such sexual moral standards based on the personal perspectives and outlooks shared by a community of individuals who shared a similar mindset? Clark answers this question by suggesting that while, it is more likely to believe in the assertion that the establishment of sexuality morality is motivated and essentially shaped by the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Plebeian Sexual Morality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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