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This paper will discuss homosexuality in Uganda, an East African state, and compare how the behavior is viewed and handled with the United States. Uganda and the US are of diverse cultural natures. …
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Sexual Morality in Cross-Cultural Perspective
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Sexual Morality in Cross-Cultural Perspective
This paper will discuss homosexuality in Uganda, an East African state, and compare how the behavior is viewed and handled with the United States. Uganda and the US are of diverse cultural natures.
Homosexuality may be defined as an attraction, and having sexual relations and acts with members of the same gender. Uganda highly disapproves homosexuality at the society level and criminalizes it by law. Out of a national population of 31 million people, there are about 500,000 estimated homosexuals, practicing secretly (Mmali 1). There is currently a proposed bill in parliament to widen the criminalization into two: aggravated homosexuality and the offence of homosexuality (Malone 3). Aggravated homosexuality includes homosexuality committed by HIV-positive persons, parents, figures of authority, or on minors. The offense of homosexuality includes sexual acts of the same-sex and involvement in same-sex marriages. The Ugandan’s extent of the behavior’s disapproval exhibits itself in the assertions that the proposed bill also covers Ugandans living outside of Uganda and engaging in homosexuality (Malone 6). It further proposes that aggravated homosexuality be punishable by life imprisonment while the offence of homosexuality is punishable by up to 14 years jail term.
In the US, there is a split among the public over the same-sex marriage issue. A survey shows that 58% of Americans propose that homosexuality be accepted by society. This is more so among the younger generation than the elderly. An example of tolerance to homosexuality was exhibited through a press release from the US White House stating that the US should oppose the Ugandan draft law intending to criminalize homosexuality (Eleveld 1).
In conclusion, the two States view homosexuality differently, with the Ugandans tending to preserve their African traditional cultures, while the US is more democratic in listening to the people’s demands.
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