The Global Exploration by the European - Assignment Example

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This assignment discusses the “Age of Discovery”, was started in the 15th century through Portuguese and Spanish naval expeditions that mostly resulted in colonial empires. Discovering and acquiring new land for the Europeans became a motivation for enriching themselves.  …
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The Global Exploration by the European
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Download file to see previous pages To this end, factors that motivated Europeans to explore globally were primarily wealth, religious freedom or supremacy, and fame or glory (Newitt 2005, 1402).
Explorers who found gold would bring trade and material gain to themselves and their countries. The wealth resulting from this was equated to power, which became a great motivation to explore. Others decided to move to new regions where they could earn a living in friendlier environments. For example, groups of European settlers migrated from the Holland plantations to America where they intended to start farming and better lifestyles. Religion was another factor, whereby the smaller ones in Europe were looked down upon. When members of the smaller religious groups got news of newfound territories, they began moving out to explore the possibility of spreading their religion, getting new followers and gaining supremacy over others. Finally, many explorers were motivated by fame and glory. Kings and queens paid them to discover, map and name new land, hoping to be remembered by it. In conclusion, the three factors that motivated Europeans to explore globally can be summarized as wealth, religion and fame (Newitt 2005, 1409).
Absolutism is where the sovereignty of a state is embodied exclusively in the absolute king’s or ruler’s person and not an assembly or nobles. Constitutionalism, on the other hand, limits government by law, implying a balance between the government’s authority and the subjects’ rights. Whether written or not, the constitution governs the nation according to its provisions and protects the freedom of the subjects. The development of absolutism and constitutionalism can be compared and contrasted from the perspective of England, and France (Aboukhadijeh 2013).
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